Research Feature

Apr 14, 2014

Where Credit is Due: How Acknowledging Expertise Can Help Conservation Efforts

Scientists know that tapping into local expertise is key to conservation efforts aimed at protecting biodiversity – but researchers rarely give credit to these local experts. Anthropologist and associate professor of international studies Nora Haenn says that’s a problem, both for the local experts and for the science itself.

Mar 6, 2014

Forensic Experts Compile Guide on How to ID Child Abuse, Starvation

Forensic science experts from NC State University are publishing a comprehensive overview of forensic research that can be used to identify child abuse and starvation. “By pulling all of this information together in one place, we hope we can save the lives of some children and find justice for others,” says Dr. Ann Ross, a professor of anthropology at NC State and lead author of the paper.

Sep 6, 2013

A View to the Making

As a long-time professor of sociology at NC State, Michael Schwalbe documents and interprets the social world. As a photographer, he taps into an altogether different way to share what he sees. Schwalbe’s latest project is an exhibit of photographs and text called A View to the Making: Portraits of North Carolina Craft Artists at Work.

Mar 7, 2013

CHASS Marks Golden Jubilee With Multimedia Timeline

2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. While the humanities and social sciences have been woven into the fabric of NC State University's history from its earliest days, our college was officially established as a unique entity in 1963. For our Golden Jubilee, we've assembled a multimedia timeline that reflects the college’s rich history, provides some insights about who we are, and maybe even hints at what the future might hold. Enjoy!

Oct 17, 2012

Parenting is More Important Than Schools to Academic Achievement

New research from NC State University sociologist Toby Parcel and others finds that parental involvement is a more significant factor in a child’s academic performance than the qualities of the school itself. “Our study shows that parents need to be aware of how important they are, and invest time in their children – checking homework, attending school events and letting kids know school is important,” says Parcel, who co-authored a paper on the work. “That’s where the payoff is.”

Apr 25, 2012

It’s All in Your Head: Tracing Skull Differences

Anthropologist Ann Ross, who is receiving an Outstanding Research Award from the NC State University Alumni Association this spring, has co-authored a paper with her former grad student Ashley Humphries that sheds new light on the characteristics of male and female skulls.

Feb 2, 2012

CSI NC State: Forensics Lab Shines Light on Crime

Researchers from across campus, including key faculty from CHASS, are working with law enforcement to transform the way we solve crimes.

Aug 19, 2011

Advances In Forensic Anthropology: 3D-ID

Sometimes law enforcement officials find partial human remains: like a human skull, with few or no other skeletal remains. How can you tell if it was even a man or woman? New technology called 3D-ID can help – giving forensic […]